Dr. Balsam Darwish


  • You should move around as much as is comfortable for you.
  • You will be given analgesics (Oxycontin, Endone, Morphine, Pethidine etc.).
  • You will be given 3 doses of intravenous antibiotics.
  • The nurse will conduct spinal observation.
  • The wound drain will be removed on the day following your surgery.
  • You will be able to go home the day after your surgery.
  • Your dressing will be changed into a waterproof dressing. You will be able to shower with the dressing on and after 5 days you can remove the dressing and shower with the wound exposed. The stitches are dissolvable. Allow the steri-strips (adhesive) to fall off.
  • You will be given a prescription for analgesics on discharge.
  • You will need to visit your family doctor in one week to check on the wound and to see Dr Darwish in 4 weeks unless informed otherwise.
  • You can walk as much as you want after surgery. You should avoid lifting objects heavier than 5 kg and should avoid bending and twisting your back for few weeks. Dr Darwish will refer you for physiotherapy2- 4 weeks after surgery if needed.